Principal note

                   Once a disciple asked his Guru, ‘What makes one a genius?’ The master most composed, replied, ‘When you master the ability to recognize the butterfly in a caterpillar, an eagle in an egg, the saint in a selfish human being......’. Through the holistic, purpose driven education at St.John’s Academy ,Vettukad, may learn the secret wisdom for a wholesome living, a life of enlightenment, a life of a ‘genius!’
It was the dream of the sisters of St.John the Baptist to reach out to people wherever their presence and service is utmost required. And this dream took its wings when the people at Vettukad requested for an English Medium education in their locality and thus, St. John’s Academy, began its baby steps twelve years ago with a handful of students which has now grown slowly and steadily. The motto of the school, ‘live for justice and truth’ is appropriate in this campus as we are committed, responsible and generous in helping our students to strive to develop values.
I would like to place my sincere sentiments of gratitude and appreciation to all the former principals , sisters, teachers ,office staffs and parents who have relentlessly worked hard to make St.John’s Academy what it is today.

Good luck and God’s blessings to everyone.

Sr.Aishwarya SJB